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A mysterious driver in a Plymouth Barracuda (with the body of a young female hitchhiker in the trunk) passes through a small Oklahoma town in the Summer of 1969. But his evil nature is somehow sensed by a local resident who has the town staked out for himself. After a beastly attack, a demonic curse is passed on to the stranger and his full
evil will finally be released in this
dark tale of the supernatural by
writer/artist Scott Youtsey.


A small, oil-based town, built on trade and set in the heart of the Osage Hills. Typical main street setting - a Corner Drug, Gibb’s Shoes, and Jodie’s Cafe offer easy commerce and familiar faces. The streets are lined with sun-dappled awnings and bright windows. It’s not Norman Rockwell, but it is quintessential rural America. Filled with old fashioned, God-fearing people, but also host to a subversive undercurrent not uncommon in a small town. Underneath its picturesque exterior, there is a black secret at work in Big Corn.

Originally settled by Anglo Indian traders before the great land run, a curse has existed in the town from its inception. An insidious and dark connection, familiar to an elite few but otherwise hidden from the community. To those worthy of possessing the dark gift, Big Corn is both a crossroads and a destination—a beacon and a proving ground for those with a malevolent heart. Only the truly evil have the soul necessary and becoming of a Beast.